Annabelle of 1719

This comedic short film is about a pirate who mistakenly time travels from 1719 to 2019. Annabelle must find a ship in landlocked Missouri in order to get back, to her time, and learns that even the mightiest of pirates need help sometimes.

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SWOT Analysis

Strengths: This has been written to fit a small budget, so it would be relatively easy to produce. It is also a short comedy, which can also draw people in to wanting to see it.

Weaknesses: Comedy is subjective, so not everyone will think it is funny. There are some references to other movies that some people may not get if they haven’t seen the movies.

Opportunities: Because this is a short film, it can be published on sites like YouTube and Vimeo and shared worldwide without people needing to watch a feature length film. It also has the opportunity to be viewed and shared on social media.

Threats: Part of this would need to be filmed on a boat on a lake which may be difficult. We could also only film most scenes in warm weather due to Annabelle needing to be in the water. We would also need to rent a boat which could be expensive.